Jacques Burger tackling masterclass | Rugby Tonight

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Jacques Burger shows a great demo on 3 different tackle situations.

The common theme on all 3 of these situations is tackle low, and get to your feet as soon as possible.

Check out this video below.


Here is Jacques Burger in action. rock solid tackling and stops the opposition dead in their tracks. brilliant stuff and essential viewing for all the upcoming youth rugby players.


England Rugbys’ Tom Wood Explains How to Tackle

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QBE, title sponsor of England’s autumn international series, has caught up with some of England’s rugby stars to film a series of technical ‘How To’ videos on the game’s key skills. Featuring detailed insight from forwards Dan Cole, Tom Youngs and Tom Wood, the videos break down the technicalities of these skills whilst also talking about the psychological elements and the importance to the wider game.

In this video Dan Cole, Tom Youngs and Tom Wood explain how to tackle in rugby.



3 Simple Defensive Tips from Englands Andy Farrel

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Here are 3  simple defensive tips from Englands Defense coach Andy Farrel

  1. Have enough width to cover the whole field. Don’t let the attacking team see opportunities on the wings.
  2. Come up square and be able to defend on your left and right. try not to drift.
  3. Aim through the attacker and control the collision, “Don’t just tickle him”.

Andy Farrell’s three top tips for a grassroots defence

Concussion and football

Do Helmets Lead to More Concussions in Football?

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concussions in football


American Football has always been a game of one off big hits, and people I speak to are always amazed that rugby, a sport played without pads, doesn’t have more injury’s. But could all that extra armour be causing the more damage? Could the piece of equipment that is supposed to protect the head and brain actually be causing more concussions in football? Football has a lot to learn from rugby! Read More