Scrum Half Drills

Scrum Half Drills with Nigel Melville

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The scrum half is one of the most influential players on a rugby team and his pass has to be spot on every time. Nigel Melvill, CEO and President of Rugby Operations at USA Rugby and former England scrum half instructs scrum halves on passing from the base of the scrum. Passing the ball in the USA is a big challenge as the sport is dominated by the sport of American Football. Check out these 2 videos and get out there and coach those youth players to be effective with their passing.


 Scrum Half Drills pt 1


 Scrum Half Drills pt 2

How to Learn to Pass a Rugby Ball

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Learning to pass a rugby ball effectively and with purpose can make a huge impact to your game of rugby and bring so much more enjoyment to the game as it is a fundamental skill.

When Coaching young players how to pass it is important they learn the difference between the control hand and the guide hand.

  • The Control/Power Hand – is the hand used to rotate and push the ball towards the target (the ball should always rotate in towards the body)
  • The Guide Hand – is the hand in which the ball rests

3 Key Learning Points

It is always important to only use 3 learning points for young players. For passing the most important things to remember are;

  1. Pick Your Target – focus on the target and don’t take your eyes off it. Allow for the movement of the target, judge to pass in front of the target.
  2. Shoot from the Hip – rotate the guide hand in towards the body and push the ball towards the target from the hip, try not to  take a back swing.
  3. Follow Through – the player should finish with his/her hand pointing at the target and the shoulders fully rotated.

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Here are a couple of great videos to help with coaching the pass.





Do you have any good passing secrets or drills, feel free to share them and we’ll include them in this post.