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Thursday Night Rugby Training for San Clemente U8

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Thursday Night Rugby Training for San Clemente U8.

Impressed with these boys although too much running sideways and not enough running forwards!

All recorded on the GoPro Session 5 –


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Local South Orange County Rugby Clubs

San Clemente Rugby:
Dana Rugby Club:
Tritons Rugby:
San Juan Hills Rugby:

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Vlog #1 – The Adventure Begins!

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Finley and I are documenting our rugby growth both with him as a player and me as a coach. we’ll see how this goes and how long we keep this up!

Inspired by the likes of the SloMo Guys, Casey Neistat and Mr Ben Brown.

All recorded on the GoPro Session 5 –


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U8 Rugby Drills

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It’s time to get versed with some U8 Rugby Drills

My Son started U8 rugby last week and it was awesome to watch.

My plan was to sit on the sidelines and watch and let someone else coach him. I know he was going to get his fair share of rugby over the years as my son.

That plan only lasted 1 session.

On the second training session I helped out the U8 rugby program and kinda took it over. I couldn’t help it and I was the only one with a whistle. being the USC womens rugby coach didn’t do me any favors and all the dads were like “awesome job, we’ll work off you!”

The trick with these little ones is to keep them moving and keep it entertaining. Having coached high school and club allowed me to build on drills but these little rugby players attention span wonders within 10 seconds.

So time to do some research and find some good drills to keep these boys running around and learning.

U8 Rugby Drills

Although geared towards rugby league this is a great site with some simple drills

Grip Evasion drill


Here is some great handling drills for U8’s from The Crusaders skill coach Brent Frew


So there are a few drills I will be implementing tonight. Never really thought about using rugby league drills but there is some great info on

More to come so stay tuned!



A New Approach To Youth Rugby Coach

A New Approach to Youth Rugby Coach

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Greeting everyone.

I have had this website for a while and always wondered what it would become or how I would make it great and create traffic. What was i going to sell on it? what was the point of it?

But I have come to the conclusion that it is just about sharing my knowledge and love for the game.

Since I have had this blog I have coached 5 different teams and documented none of it because I wanted the content to be right.

The teams I have been involved with include:

Not a bad list for someone that struggles to really believe that I make an impact.

I mostly want the content I publish to be perfect and I didn’t want to say anything that wasn’t completely correct in terms of coaching, I fear what people may say or worried about the criticism.  And to be honest that’s the wrong way to approach it. This post spoke to me and so I wanted to begin a journey and get my content out there

Whatever message you have within is going to make a much bigger difference being written and published imperfectly than it is being absolutely perfect but stuck in your head.

I am a student of the game and want get better as a coach. I want the kids I coach to love the game and to improve all while having fun. and I want the game to grow in the USA so that my son can play a competitive standard as he grows.

So I am going to document and write about my journey. Good stuff, bad stuff, coaching sessions, games, updates, struggles, wins. I am just going to stick it out and I hope you find something interesting.

Thanks for stopping by.



nike rugby camp

San Diego NIKE Rugby Camp 2015

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NIKE Rugby Camp returns to San Diego from July 29th – August 1st.

NIKE has lined up an accomplished coaching staff including

USA 7s stars:

  • Andrew Duratalo,
  • Garret Bender,
  • Mike Teo,
  • Stephen Tomasin,

and USA 15s players:

  • Brian Doyle,
  • Zach Pangelinan
  • and Kalei Konrad.

Over  35% of the High School All American team in 2015 was comprised of previous NIKE campers. High School All American Coach Salty Thompson endorses the NIKE Rugby Camp System.

Additionally at NIKE Camp in 2015, Alex Ross will be on staff. Ross is the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Auckland Blues Super 15 side. Ross was also an assistant with the All Black 7s and 15s sides in 2015.

Players at NIKE Camp receive individual instruction from players who have played at the highest level. This is a great opportunity to improve your game.
You can register at