Youth Rugby Coach has been set up as a resource for training tips, techniques and ideas to assist coaching youth rugby in America. Our aim is to be a quick reference for coaches that need help putting together training sessions that will be beneficial to a young developing sport.

I know myself that from time to time I have had limited time to get a training session together and as a result have had less that stellar results from my team. My goal is to become a much better coach and communicator in myself as well as providing excellent tools to other up and coming youth rugby coaches.

The future of youth rugby in America depends on a good system in the youth programs around the country with excellent teaching techniques in a safe environment. I have seen many excellent youth rugby players come through my system only to be lost to another sport through through bad coaching on and off the field

Youth Rugby Coach

Coaching History

USC Womens Rugby 2015 – Present

I was given the opportunity to coach at USC womens rugby and jumped at the chance. Having never coached women or college before I saw this as a great place to hone my coaching skills. USC Women only won 1 game in the 2014/15 season and I knew that I was in for a challenge. Sticking to the basic principles of play and instilling confidence in the girls was my first task by the end of the 2015/16 season we had finished 3rd in the Spring Championship and was offered a place in the National Championship where we lost to Davenport,


USC Womens Rugby
USC Womens Rugby

Dana Hills High School 2013 – 2015

The path in getting a high school club sports team established is a lot like an act of congress, or a detective novel.

Drew Falk, an athlete at Dana Hills led this initiative. Along this two year journey there have been countless “No’s, no way in hell, can’t help you, forget it, talk to him, along with the standard brush offs. The doors were closed, shutters latched.

No room at the Inn. Lots of research, fact finding, powerpoint presentations, and a big dose of persistence kept this dream alive. People started to help. Club coaches volunteered, Parents of local club players offered time and assistance, DHHS provided thoughtful guidance to navigate the requirements, and fellow rugby player classmates pushed to get the word out and recruit. It was coming together.

We got the approvals needed, assembled an amazing coaching staff, and the parents formed a non-profit and board. Finally, local businesses and families underwrote the team.

Dana Hills Rugby Club

San Clemente Youth Rugby 2008 – Present

I started my coaching career with San Clemente Youth Rugby and have progressed through the age groups from U12-U18

I now coach at a U8 level as I aim to bring the next group of budding rugby players up through the system and compete for rugby glory.

To learn more about San Clemente Youth Rugby please visit

San Clemente Youth Rugby
San Clemente Youth Rugby